30 August, 2015

Travel Insurance for Australian Seniors

Overseas Travel Insurance for Australian Seniors

Accessing travel insurance for Australians travelling overseas aged over 65 has been a recurring problem for us. Whilst we very much believe that online travel insurance delivers the best value for clients, many providers either do not provide quotes for individuals aged over 65, or provide rates that are too much higher than standard rates. Logically, travel insurance costs for seniors will increase with age, but it remains the case that you should be prepared to shop around for the best value - balancing price and the extent of cover provided.

One online provider that makes clear provision for seniors is 1Cover. Clicking on the banner below takes to their website and quote engine which enables you to immediate insert your age and receive a quote - with the following age ranges: Under 60, 60 - 69, 70 - 74, 75 - 70 and 80+.

Travel Insurance Australia


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