2 September, 2015

Forex Charts : AUD vs Major Currencies : 20 Years

Historical Foreign Exchange Rate Comparisons - Australian Dollar (AUD) vs GBP, USD, Euro, SGD and JPY

Although history is not an absolute guide to the future, historical foreign exchange rates should be one of the factors considered when deciding whether and when to make significant money transfers, or whether to take out a foreign currency loan to purchase an asset (eg. property in Australia or elsewhere). 

Provided below are five charts comparing AUD exchange rates against the GBP, USD, SGD and JPY over more than 20 years, and against the Euro since 1999. If you want to explore other historical periods, or other forex currency pairings, then these charts are available on the Ozforex website.

AUD vs GBP - 20 Years to August, 2015


AUD vs USD - 20 Years to August, 2015



Ozforex foreign currency transfers australia

AUD vs Euro - From January, 1999 to August, 2015


AUD vs SGD - 20 Years to August, 2015



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